We don’t just
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willy nilly

Prior to any shops being included on Purple Spud, we consider the following...

UK based company?

Is the business a UK business, i.e. is it a Public Limited Company (PLC), Limited Company (Ltd), or a sole trader, partnership or cooperative? It’s seen that if it is a UK based company that the business will be following the appropriate legislation and therefore employing fairly and paying the appropriate tax.
There are many companies who imply that they are UK based, but are infact not. There are many examples especially when you look on the internet at businesses using a web address, often these sites are not UK businesses but are instead a business based somewhere else in the world. By purchasing from these sites we see UK money taken away from of our economy.

UK based ownership?

In an ever evolving marketplace of buy outs, takeovers, mergers, parent companies, subsidiaries and so on, it’s hard to keep up with who owns what. At Purple Spud, we feel that it is important that the businesses we promote have an ownership that is connected with UK society and that these companies have a vested interest in supporting the UK economy. 

Big corporations with their greedy board members demanding higher and higher profits will have very little consideration for acting responsibly in countries which they only see as a percentage or bar on a graph.

Although a character who divides opinion, Mike Ashley, owner of Sports Direct, is a proud Northerner and a proud UK patriot. So we would like to think that his business decisions would have a little more consideration for the UK economy than somebody of equal stature based outside of the UK but operating within it.

E-commerce & online presence?

Whilst most of what we do is about promoting the UK’s high streets, we are fundamentally an online platform. Our presence is about giving strength to our UK based high street companies by promoting their online presence and supporting the UK economy as a whole.
We are also trying to change consumer habits so that we stop defaulting to companies such as Amazon and start to look elsewhere. It is therefore essential that all of the companies we promote have a user friendly website,  that are easy to navigate, easy to add to a basket and with a safe and efficient checkout and payment process.


Nowadays we expect quick dispatch and fast delivery and so it is important the businesses we promote support a fast and efficient delivery service to match this consumer demand. 

All businesses are able to offer a ‘next day delivery’ service (cut off times may apply) on all their stocked items.

Products built in the UK?

It should go without saying if a company is manufacturing or supporting UK manufactured products, then this most definitely is something we will celebrate and promote.

However, it is also important to acknowledge that it’s not viable for some products to be manufactured in the UK and so for a business to be excluded for this reason would not be appropriate and would go on to exclude many commendable UK companies.

Electronics are a good example; the UK generally cannot compete with the Asian market when it comes to manufacturing electronics at affordable prices. The UK therefore imports the majority of electronics to meet consumer demand. In these cases, we focus on the company structure (as detailed above), their commitment to supporting healthy overseas trade and focusing on the supply chain ethics.

A final note
from Purple Spud

Business structures and accounting can be complex. Some businesses may on the face of it look very much like a strong UK based business when in fact they are not. The businesses we endorse on this website have been included based on a basic check. It’s absolutely feasible that some may not be as they seem and we’ve missed some detail. 

Each business we support on this site is continuously under review. If you feel that any business endorsed by us is not supporting the UK economy as we or you would like, then please let us know and we will look to take the appropriate action.

Equally if you know or if you are a business that meet our standards then please get in touch and we will look to add you to our platform.

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