A Solution

A platform for the UK’s population to access, which identifies and celebrates UK business with a view to our consumer spending being kept where possible, within the UK.

A platform which is consumer driven and offers choice based on an ethical criteria, not a choice based on an organisation underpinned by greed. 

A platform which promotes the money being spent going back into our economy and key government funded services  such as schools, hospitals and social care seeing the direct benefit.

A platform that will allow small and large high street retail to sit side by side with UK online businesses giving consumers more variety.

A platform where consumers are not being manipulated in directions which they do not necessarily wish to go.

A platform which educates and informs the UK consumer, because if you are wise to these practices and the consequences of your decisions, then the chances are you are much more likely to support the cause.


Ready for Action?

Be part of a platform that identifies
and celebrates UK businesses
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